ACEI  brings together the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China and other country childhood industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, which aims to break the geographical and cultural differences, and to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation childhood education,  committed to promoting the standardization of childhood education industry, standardization and internationalization, developing childhood education of future industry leaders.
Together with our members, community partners, and network of Affiliates across the country, we proudly ensure that the early childhood profession exemplifies excellence and is recognized as performing a vital role in society. Alongside you, ACEI is the national voice of the early childhood community. Explore the work we do with you every day!

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ACEI Position Statements and Standards.

ACEI established its accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood programs and to help families identify high-quality programs. ACEI Accreditation is a voluntary system. Today, more than 6,700 ACEI accredited early childhood education programs serve Around the nation.

ACEI and its Affiliates share a core value in creating opportunities to widen our reach to early educators, to enhance the influence our Association has on shaping a national, state and local agenda for young children, and to equip a growing a growing and engaged membership with effective structures and processes for carrying out the work of our collective mission.